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The Seqpure PCR Purification Kit sold by BioChain offers laboratories the kind of capabilities that are generally only seen in much higher priced products. SeqPure utilizes paramagnetic particles and proprietary buffers to quic...(Expand Details)kly and efficiently recover DNA fragments over 100bp in size, while removing impurities such as primers, primer-dimers, nucleotides, salts, proteins and other contaminants.  Making Seqpure an even more appealing option is efficiency and easy to use protocol, which can be had at very reasonable prices. This PCR Purification Kit produces DNA that can be used for genotyping, sequencing, next gen sequencing, cloning, microarrays and many other common laboratory uses.

PCR Purification is even more relevant now than in the past.

While PCR purification has been performed for decades in processes like cloning, genotyping, and microarray analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is becoming increasingly popular for both research applications and for diagnostics purposes.  An example of how this technology can be used for practical purposes is in early cancer detection, cancer prognosis, and determination of an ideal cancer therapy for an individual, using a technique known as "Liquid Biopsy."  Some liquid biopsy methods involve isolation of DNA from cell-free body fluids such as blood plasma (for instance, with our cfPureTM cell-free DNA extraction kit) followed by PCR-based library preparation methods, which commonly rely on PCR purification kits, and then finally by NGS.   Analysis of the NGS results often reveals cancer-specific biomarkers, which have significant clinical and research value.  NGS is becoming increasingly popular as the costs involved in sequencing and sequence analysis come down, creating the need for an efficient, facile kit, that is also very cost effective.

What Makes BioChain's SeqPure The Right Choice For Your Laboratory?

1. The first advantage of the SeqPure PCR Purification Kit from BioChain is that it offers the reliability of noticeably more expensive products at a more palatable cost.  This is a kit that can be kept on hand in the laboratory,  so that when it is needed it can easily be accessed.
2. BioChain also offers expert technical service for its products, with our own research scientists and other technical staff available to answer your questions and discuss your projects with you.

SeqPure PCR Purification Kit From BioChain Is A Versatile Tool That Can Be Beneficial In Many Different Fields

BioChain's SeqPure PCR Purification Kit is 100% compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms. It's ability to recover DNA fragments is also equal to or superior to the capabilities offered by kits that are far more expensive.

On top of that, the materials used in BioChain's kits are tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards - and have been for over 20 years.  The SeqPure PCR Purification Kit from BioChain will meet or exceed your expectations - as will the enzymes and reagents in our full line of related PCR enzymes, dNTPs, and master mixes - as well as our other purification kits.


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