Western Blot Kits

Western blotting remains a ubiquitous technique that is used in proteomic studies to determine protein expression levels. However, many proteins of interest are present in low abundance and their detection may be limited by sensitivity issues.
BioChain’s Attoglow Western Blot Kit has been developed to solve these sensitivity issues by being the most sensitive chemiluminescent kit. It has the ability to detect proteins at attogram (10^-18 g), or yoctomole (10^-24 M), levels. Other competitor kits may only reach femtogram (10^-15 g) levels of sensitivity.
The complete kit contains secondary antibody and chemiluminescent substrate for a very user-friendly and cost-effective system. It is compatible for use with PVDF, nitrocellulose, and nylon membranes.


  • Very high sensitivity that allows for detection of yoctomole (10^-24 M) levels
  • Complete kit comes with secondary antibody and chemiluminescent substrate for a user-friendly and cost-effective system
  • Compatible for use with PVDF, nitrocellulose, and nylon membranes.


  • Western blotting

Quality Controls

Run two samples, which contain 10 fg and 10 pg of purified rabbit muscle GAPDH protein in duplicate, on SDS-PAGE. Transfer the gel to a PVDF membrane. Cut the membrane into two pieces, each contains one set of samples. Treat one piece with Millennium Enhancer, another as an untreated control, and both blotted with anti-GAPDH antibody clone 6C5 and HRP-conjugated anti-Mouse IgG. The 10 fg-sample should give one visible band only on the treated membrane, and the band should be almost as dark as that shown by the 10 pg sample on the untreated membrane.
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