NGS Sample Prep

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies include several methods that are grouped broadly as template preparation, sequencing and imaging, and data analysis. BioChain offers microRNA and mRNA sample library construction kits to allow fast and cost-effective NGS sequencing.

NGS Sample Prep Categories

NGS Library Prep Kits

BioChain’s kits provide a cost-effective solution to the RNA-seq NGS research community.

NGS Kits and Enzymes

BioChain's SeqPure PCR purification/ NGS Kits and Enzymes provide a cost-effective solution for library cleanup

DNA Methylation Detection

Methylation detection kits provide a true endogenous human positive control.

Need biospecimens from multiple donors?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer sample collection + preparation, extraction & purification, and sample analysis services.

Related Product Categories

SeqPure™ PCR Purification Kit

SeqPure™ PCR reagent is designed for an efficient purification of PCR amplicons.

cfPure® Extraction Kit

Magnetic bead based DNA extraction kit for isolating circulating cfDNA from plasma, serum, and urine.