Reference DNA

BioChain’s Universal cDNA is prepared from major organs of both male and female donors. This cDNA serves as a standard for comparison of gene expression by RT-PCR or as a gene pool for cloning genes of interest

Reference DNA Categories

Genomic DNA

BioChain’s Control Genomic DNAs are isolated from normal and tumor human & different animal species

Methylated DNA Controls

BioChain provides methylated and low-methylated DNA matched pairs that may be used as positive and negative controls for DNA methylation studies.

Need biospecimens from multiple donors?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer sample collection + preparation, extraction & purification, and sample analysis services.

Related Product Categories


Widespread collection of total RNA, FFPE total RNA, Universal RNA, and reference RNA samples from various tissue origins

Total Protein Lysate

Our total protein tissue lysates are useful tools in expression analysis by identifying tumor- or disease-specific proteins and genes.

Matched Pair Tissues

Matched pair samples are derived from either the tumor/adjacent normal tissue or primary/metastatic tumor.