Extraction & Purification

We offer high-quality DNA, RNA and protein extraction kits and services from biospecimens including FFPE, frozen tissues, plasma and blood. Additionally, the team at BioChain can perform complicated extractions, helping you save on time and labor.

Extraction & Purification Categories

DNA Extraction Kit

Our extraction kits can be used for FFPE or Frozen tissue and bodily fluids.

Magnetic Beads

Our magnetic beads have user-friendly protocols and can easily be applied to automation.

RNA Extraction Kit

Total RNAs and mRNAs that have been extracted from hundreds of different tissues and cells.

Protein Extraction Kit

Protein extraction kit allows for simple and reliable that provide tools for protein lysate extraction

Need biospecimens from multiple donors?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer sample collection + preparation, extraction & purification, and sample analysis services.

Related Product Categories

Genomic DNA

BioChain’s Control Genomic DNAs are isolated from normal and tumor human & different animal species


Widespread collection of total RNA, FFPE total RNA, Universal RNA, and reference RNA samples from various tissue origins

Total Protein Lysate

Our total protein tissue lysates are useful tools in expression analysis by identifying tumor- or disease-specific proteins and genes.