About BioChain

Our Story

BioChain has been engaged in the field of biological sample analysis for more than 20 years. Firmly believing that biological sample analysis is the key step in obtaining accurate disease diagnosis and drug discovery, BioChain develops and supplies a series of products from sample collection and preparation to analysis, providing customers with complete solutions.

We are an agile company with a large reach and commitment to quality that has kept us competitive since 1994. We look forward to advancing your science for many years to come.

High quality is our guiding principle.

All biospecimen collections are fully consented and obtained under IRB approval and our operations are ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 certified. BioChain’s products are not only used by researchers in life science and drug discovery, but also by CLIA labs and diagnostic manufactures in bulk and OEM. Our products are applied to a variety of technology platforms, such as NGS, PCR & qPCR, Nanostring, IHC, ISH, MassSpec, etc.

Innovation is our driving force.

Along the way we have developed optimized kits and reagents, prepared DNA, RNA, protein lysates, tissue sections and arrays, and reference samples our customers can’t get from anywhere else. We also developed an automated sample extraction instrument.

Providing better solutions is our aim.

To meet the specific needs of customers we provide custom products and services including biological sample collection, sample extraction, quality control references, kits for extraction and analysis, and key assays and components.

Innovation & Collaboration

As an industry leader, BioChain is always striving to innovate and collaborate with the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, Bio Technology, and Health Care organizations.

We have a strong in-house scientific team and actively seek research and business partnerships with industry innovators and leaders.

Company Culture

Respect, Integrity, Improvement, Innovation & Honor

Our employees are empowered to make the world a better place and advance their careers through hard work, high standards, and a steadfast commitment to meeting our client’s needs.

Join our Team

An equal opportunity employer, the key to our success has been to hire and develop exceptional individuals who thrive in collaborative team environments. If you are interested in enabling scientific breakthroughs by commercializing cutting-edge science and technology, we encourage you to consider joining our team.