Targeted Gene Expression Profiling

BioChain has both internal and external capabilities of screening and analyzing tissues for genetic mutations using gene panels and deep sequencing by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), including fusion genes.

Service Overview

We can provide these tissues as slides, curls, or blocks. For customized projects, we can provide same donor-matched or age-matched tissues with blood/plasma/serum. Our prescreened cancer tissue samples come with detailed information regarding donor and cancer type, as well as NGS data such as chromosomal position, variant type (SNP or indel), alternate allele variations, quality score, depth of coverage, allele type, transcript ID, etc.

Feature & Benefits

  • Validation of cancer markers
  • Gene panel development
  • Verification of genotyping
  • Companion diagnostic assay development
  • IHC and in-situ hybridization assays (such as GeoMx, RNAScope, or Visium platform)
  • Extraction methodology for DNA and RNA profiling
  • Spatial Biology

Have questions about targeted gene expression profiling?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer stringent screening and analyzing services for all your needs!

Other Custom Services

Custom Extraction & Purification

BioChain has developed proprietary reagents for the extraction of biomolecules from a wide variety of sample types.

Biospecimen Procurement

We specialize in custom procurement of hard-to-find biospecimens for all your research needs.

OEM Manufacturing

BioChain has been ISO certified for more than 10 yrs and has established standard state-of-the-art SOPs and OEM processing.