Molecular Biology

BioChain offers a broad spectrum of ready-to-use products for your molecular biology applications. These include purified DNA/RNA, dNTPs, and extraction kits. Also offered are enzymes and PCR mixes for NGS applications.

Molecular Biology Categories


Quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a powerful application of this technology which allows quantification of DNA templates.

DNA Markers

These products have easily distinguishable patterns with enhanced intensities of certain bands to ensure easy reading on the gel.

Western Blot Kits

Western blotting remains a ubiquitous technique that is used in proteomic studies to determine protein expression levels.

Molecular Biology Reagents

Molecular biology reagents are widely used for testing genetic materials found in cells and tissues.

Do you need custom or bulk kits?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer services for custom kits and bulk orders for your molecular biology applications.

Related Product Categories

DNA Extraction Kits

Our extraction kits can be used for FFPE or Frozen tissue and bodily fluids.

RNA Extraction Kits

Total RNAs and mRNAs that have been extracted from hundreds of different tissues and cells.

Protein Extraction Kits

Protein extraction kit allows for simple and reliable that provide tools for protein lysate extraction