Cell Culture and FFPE Cell Line Block

BioChain has been providing cell culture services for many years, including cell storage in liquid nitrogen.

Service Overview

BioChain specializes in generating high quality FFPE cell line blocks. One of BioChain’s FFPE cell lines (BRAF V600E) has been approved by the FDA for usage in both standardization and reference applications. We have the capacity to scale up - from growing small cell cultures to several flasks or even larger quantities (up to 60 x 4-liter bottles). The cells can be provided as either frozen cell pellets or fresh cells in culture medium.

Feature & Benefits

  • Different scales with competitive pricing
  • Fast service
  • Unique technique for making high quality FFPE cell line block

Need specialized cell culture services?

Reach out to us to customize your project! We offer completely customizable solutions, scalable to your every need!

Other Custom Services

Whole Slide Imaging

BioChain offers slide scanning services for your convenience.

Tissue Sectioning and Microarray Construction

BioChain offers services for preparation of tissue sections of any species tissues in the client specifications.

OEM Manufacturing

Biochain has been an OEM manufacturer to numerous well-recognized and reputable companies for many years.