Total Protein Lysate

At BioChain, we use our Total Protein Extraction kit (Cat. No. K3011010) to efficiently extract total protein tissue lysates from over 300 different tissues and cell lines. Our method uses proprietarty isolation techniques to protect the protein as it is being isolated and stored, so you can expect intact native proteins that are the highest quality possible for each sample type. For example, running our total tissue protein lysates on SDS-PAGE gels results in sharp bands that span a broad range of sizes with the absence of smearing. These protein lysates have also been tested for quality on a Western blot by probing against GAPDH.

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Total Protein Lysate

Our total protein tissue lysates are useful tools in the proteomics field for accelerating gene expression analysis by identifying tumor- or disease-specific proteins and genes. Two powerful applications such as 2D-PAGE and LC-MS/MS may be used on our total protein products to facilitate this novel biomarker discovery. The protein lysates are also ready for use in immunoprecipitation experiments to study protein-protein interactions, and our native proteins may be utilized for enzymatic activity analysis experiments.

We have a comprehensive collection of normal, diseased, and tumor tissues from a wide variety of species to choose from. We also offer custom procurement and collection services, so that you can be sure to obtain exactly the protein extracts that you need. If you require only the proteins from the membrane fraction, BioChain also offers a large catalog of these compartmental products to choose from here.

Therefore, we can save you valuable research time and money by eliminating the hassle of locating and extracting tissue protein lysates from a variety of sample types. Our procurement services can also help you find rare materials – enabling you to perform experiments that you thought were impossible.

Applications of Total Protein Tissue Lysates

  • Tumor- and disease-specific protein biomarker discovery
  • Tissue-specific protein expression analysis
  • Electrophoresis and Western blot
  • Immunoprecipitation and protein-protein interaction
  • Enzymatic activity analysis

Advantages and Features of Our Total Protein Tissue Lysates

  • Extensive quality control procedures to ensure high quality intact proteins
  • Ready-to-use in many proteomics applications
  • Decontamination of polysaccharide, proteoglycan, RNase, and genomic DNA
  • Large selection of total protein lysates from various samples sources and species to choose from

Quality Data

Let BioChain provide you with the highest quality total protein lysate products. Our strict quality control procedures consistently result in products of intact native proteins with verification of protein expression on a Western blot (Figure 1).

total protein lysate

Figure 1. Total Protein lysates from 3 lots of human adipose tissue were run on SDS-PAGE (left). Consistent expression of GAPDH was visualized using a Western blot (right).


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