With the advent of qPCR and NGS technologies, obtaining genetic information extracted from FFPE samples has become more popular than ever since there is ready access to such a large repository of these samples. To many biomedical researchers, every detail that can be obtained from FFPE tissues is critical for diagnostics and biomarker discovery. In addition, as we are making advances toward personalized medicine, these details will be keys for drug development and therapy selection. BioChain is the first company to provide FFPE RNA from various tissue samples on the market. Our FFPE RNAs are ready-to-use in a variety of downstream applications.


  • Qubit measurement to determine RNA concentration
  • Extraction using automation to ensure consistency and eliminate cross-contamination
  • FFPE RNA and total RNA from the same piece of tissue is available for comparative studies
  • Amenable to various tissues and cell lines in FFPE format
  • Custom made FFPE RNA
  • DIN value analyzed by Agilent Tapestation is available upon request


  • qRT-PCR
  • NGS (FFPE RNA-seq)
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