NGS Library Prep Kits

BioChain’s RapidSeq Small RNA and Directional mRNA sample library prep kits provide a cost-effective solution to the RNA-seq NGS research community. The Small RNA kit offers a simple method for generating small RNA libraries directly from total RNA, while our Directional mRNA kit generates libraries from mRNA.
Small RNAs comprise a large family of regulatory molecules that play an important role in development and disease. In addition, mRNA is the template for subsequent protein expression, and analysis of differential mRNA expression helps us to understand biological pathways and molecular mechanisms which are involved in the regulation of cell function, individual development, and disease progression.


  • Simple workflow - most components are supplied as ready-to-use super mixtures which
  • reduces setup time and liquid handling steps
  • Wide dynamic range - total RNA input could be as low as 100 ng while mRNA input could be as low as 50 ng


  • Small RNA detection and quantification
  • MicroRNA expression profiling
  • Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms or mutations
  • Discovery of allele specific expression patterns

Quality Controls

Our kits have been tested for RNA NGS library construction using total RNA or mRNA isolated from BioChain’s Adult Normal Lung Tissue and Illumina’s NGS instrument. Good coverage and distribution are observed.
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