Frozen Tissue Array

Frozen tissue arrays and frozen tissue panels streamline many research projects by fixing numerous small tissue sections, called cores, onto a single slide.  This can save significant of time, and conserve precious reagents, relative to analyzing numerous slides containing just one tissue section per slide.  These panels and arrays make an ideal screening tool, prior to deeper analysis of just the most relevant tissue and tumor types.

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Frozen Tissue Array

BioChain has been a leading manufacturer of Frozen Tissue Arrays and Frozen Tissue Panels for over 15 years, with extensive experience,  and a large bio-repository, to draw upon. Each product is produced using state-of-the-art sample preparation technology from the finest quality tissue specimens. The tissues are immediately placed into liquid nitrogen upon excision and are then meticulously selected for exceptional quality by our pathologist.  For these frozen tissue arrays, cores from 20 or more different tissue or pathologically relevant tumor types (with multiple donors per tissue or tumor type) are combined into a single block, generally in O. C. T., and sectioned at 5 µm thickness and are carefully mounted on 1-2 positively charged glass slides. The quality of each slide is subsequently verified using two unique staining methods.

Our frozen tissue arrays have been designed in conformance with FDA guidelines to meet requirements for therapeutic and diagnostic antibody validations, immunohistochemistry, and in vitro diagnostic device certification. BioChain’s frozen tissues arrays are also a remarkable tool for rapidly detecting cellular localization of DNA, RNA, and protein expression.  A large supply of tissue organs, different disease states and other animal species are available in array and panel format. The human specimens we prepare also come with patient demographic and disease related history.  In some cases we may have DNA, RNA, or protein isolates that correspond to a particular array.   In addition to the specific array and panel products listed in our catalog, we frequently take on custom projects for our customers.  These can involve procuring novel tissues, creating array blocks, sectioning blocks, and other services.  To find out what we can offer, please call us.

Features of Frozen Tissue Array

  • Designed according to guidelines by FDA
  • Broad range of tissues within each array
  • Suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detection
  • Matched organ single tissue sections available
  • Arrays from variety of human donors
  • Better antigen exposure than paraffin embedded tissue

Applications Frozen Tissue Array

  • High throughput therapeutic/diagnostic antibody validations
  • Rapid screening of novel gene or protein expression against an extensive panel of tissues
  • Gene or protein expression pattern analysis
  • Comparison of expression levels of novel genes or proteins
  • Use with immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization

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