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Within a cell, there are many different RNA molecules, and over the last couple of decades our understanding of the complexity of RNA transcription and the various functions of different RNAs has remarkably changed. It has become ...(Expand Details)increasingly important to consider within a biological system all RNAs or Total RNA. Molecules such as long-noncoding RNAs and small RNAs including miRNA, siRNA, snRNA, and piRNA can target mRNA for degradation, potentially block mRNA transcription, or even target genes for methylation which may have epigenetic effects seen in oncology studies.

In many RNA extraction kits, small RNAs can potentially become degraded. At BioChain our proprietary isolation process for total RNA has been shown to extract all RNA from tissue samples. We are a leading provider of hundreds of different Total RNA samples from various sources of human (normal and diseased), animal, and plant tissues. Our large inventory of systematically and meticulously isolated high quality Total RNAs are ready-to-use for Northern blotting, cDNA synthesis, RNA protection, microRNA study, and RNA differential display. Save valuable research time and money by eliminating the process of RNA sample preparation and by enabling the immediate study of genes of interest in many different tissues.


  • Total RNA isolated from a wide variety of hard to obtain tissues

  • Decontamination of polysaccharide, proteoglycan, RNase, and genomic DNA

  • Extensive quality control procedures to ensure high quality

  • High efficiency reverse transcription

  • Available documentation of tissues' clinical histories



  • Northern Blotting, RT-PCR, and RACE

  • cDNA synthesis and cDNA library construction

  • cDNA probe for profiling study in gene expression

  • RNA protection and primer extension

  • RNA display

  • Purification of mRNA

  • MicroRNA study

Quality Control


  • The integrity of the RNA is examined by visual inspection for the presence of intact bands of 18s and 28s ribosomal RNA when electrophoreses on a denaturing agarose gel.

  • The quality and purity of total RNA were tested by spectrophotometer. A260/280 is between 1.8 and 2.1 (detected in 10 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.5).

  • The RNA is treated by DNAse I, and is tested as DNA free RNA by PCR.

  • cDNA synthesis is successfully performed by using this RNA as template.