BioChain is skilled in providing a large array of custom services for various research facilities for more than 20 years.  Our expertise ranges from custom tissue array to custom extraction.  As a result, a customer may request custom sample collection from BioChain and ask BioChain to make the arrays or extract RNA from them.

1. Clinical Samples Collection

With our extensive connections, we procure samples through various avenues to best meet our customer’s needs.


A drug development project for a large pharmaceutical client required a large quantity of DNA from a cohort of patients. BioChain mined its sample repository and found >200 NSCLC paraffin-embedded/FFPE and frozen tissue samples, including matched pairs: normal and primary pair (PP), primary and metastatic pair (PM). This list of samples was accepted by the client. BioChain performed DNA and RNA extraction at its ISO9001:2015 certified laboratory facility. Interesting biomarkers were discovered through the collaborative efforts between BioChain and the pharmaceutical customer. The client is moving towards clinical development using this panel of markers.

2. Custom Extraction & Purification

We are one of the pioneers in  quality controlled, SOP generated, and industrialized extraction from human and animal tissues.  With our proprietary protocols and technologies we offer premium services.


A biotechnology company developing diagnostics for healthcare practitioners asked BioChain to purify DNA from blood and saliva samples for them. Purification was performed using Qiagen’s QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit for the blood and Agencourt DNAdvance kit for the saliva samples. In all, over one thousand blood and saliva samples were processed by BCI. Quality control was performed on a random sampling of the purified DNA by gel electrophoresis with all tested samples passing qualification.

3. Custom Tissue Section and Array

BioChain is a leading manufacturer of frozen and paraffin tissue sections and arrays.  We have optimized and perfected these techniques to provide quality services.


A major international pharmaceutical client contracted with BCI to create FFPE blocks, each made with a different cell line. Materials for culturing the cells were developed by BCI or purchased from a third party vendor. Cells were either purchased or given to BCI from the client. Cell culture and creation of the FFPE blocks were performed by R&D and Production-Tissue, respectively. Before shipment to the customer, a random section of each block was HE stained and analyzed for morphology and cell density. All blocks passed the qualification test and shipped to the customer.

4. Component for Kit Control


Manufacturing of a 3-sized (145bp, 165bp, and 500bp) DNA ladder was requested by a life sciences technology client. The ladder itself will be incorporated into client’s sample preparation kits as specialized small RNA marker. Specification of the each band as well as the template and primers for constructing the bands were supplied to BCI from the client. After finalizing the production procedures, samples were shipped to the client in increments of 5ml and larger. The client has been satisfied with the product and continues to order the product for their kit assembly needs.

5. OEM Manufacturing

BioChain is an ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016) manufacturing facility operating under a robust quality control.  Most of our reagents and kits are made in-house so we can provide production data and offer competitive pricing


The Express Cloning Checker system from BCI allows for the quick analysis of inserts by directly testing bacterial colonies from a plate. Using this system as the tool, BCI performs OEM service for large life science technology clients. Since they offer several bacteria expression system kits, BCI’s Cloning Checker reagents are a complimentary addition to their lineup. These OEM services help the client to reduce the cost of their manufactured goods and enable them to deliver the value created for their customers. In another example, BCI developed a 96 well microplate which contained genomic DNA from 48 different donors in duplicate. Each plate contained 48 donors aliquoted into specific wells and at specific quantities per client’s request. Packaging was performed by BCI with bags and labels provided by the client. In total, six shipments were sent to t he client, all delivered on time. In just over two years, 800 plates were delivered to the client. This quality service gained the client’s total satisfaction. The BioChain CNMCS kit was designed for the enrichment of proteins based on their subcellular fraction. A major life science industry leader currently has ordered a large volume of the CNMCS buffers for their kit. This product is listed as Compartment Protein Extraction Kit on their site. Buffers are shipped to the client in bulk to be packaged at their own facility.

6. Contracted Research Project


BioChain was contracted by its life science technology client to perform a case study on their behalf. The experiment was designed by the client and provided to BCI to carry out. To summarize, the experiments involved isolation of blood and serum samples using three different purification kits. Results from each kit were then analyzed to determine which kit produced the most consistent and high yields.