BioChain® and Enable Medicine Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Spatial Biology Solutions

NEWARK, Calif. -- BioChain Institute Inc. (“BioChain”), a leader in high-quality processed biosample products and services, and Enable Medicine, a cutting-edge biotechnology company specializing in precision medicine, are pleased to announce their brand-new strategic partnership to advance spatial biology solutions.

The collaboration combines BioChain's extensive experience in biological sample analysis, biospecimens, and advanced molecular diagnostic technologies with Enable Medicine's expertise in generating, managing, and analyzing spatial biology data on its proprietary Enable Cloud Platform. By combining their respective strengths, the two companies aim to revolutionize precision medicine and improve patient outcomes.

Enable Medicine and BioChain are joining hands to provide a comprehensive set of spatial biology tools. The list now includes the Akoya BioSciences proteomics platform, 10x Visium from 10x Genomics, NanoString’s GeoMx, Curio Biosciences’s Slide-seq and Stero-seq from STOmics. 

BioChain’s customers now will have access to Enable Medicine’s advanced spatial analysis services, including clustering and neighborhood analysis for 10x Visium.

"We are thrilled to partner with Enable Medicine to advance the field of precision medicine further," says Vidyodhaya Sundaram, Vice President of Business Development at BioChain. "Our combined expertise and resources will allow us to better serve our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions. Via this partnership, we can develop integrated solutions that empower clinicians and researchers to deliver personalized healthcare based on an individual's unique genetic makeup."

BioChain has been at the forefront of providing high-quality products and services, including DNA and RNA extraction kits, PCR reagents, and next-generation sequencing solutions. The company's vast catalog of ethically-sourced tissues has enabled researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide to significantly advance targeted therapies.

Enable Medicine is at the forefront of leveraging protein and genomic data utilizing cutting-edge technologies to develop personalized therapeutics. Their proprietary platform analyzes protein and genomic information to identify specific drivers of diseases, enabling the development of targeted treatments that address the underlying cause of the ailment. Enable Medicine's approach holds immense potential for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Through this partnership, BioChain and Enable Medicine will collaborate on various initiatives to advance precision medicine. This includes the integration of BioChain's high-quality genomic products and services with Enable Medicine's innovative platform for the development of personalized therapies. By combining their expertise, the two companies aim to accelerate the translation of spatial research into actionable solutions that directly benefit patients.

Sunil Bodapati, CEO of Enable Medicine, commented, "This partnership represents an exciting opportunity to harness the power of genomics and proteomics to deliver targeted therapies for patients. By collaborating with BioChain, we can leverage their extensive experience in genomics research and product development to enhance our precision medicine platform."

Both BioChain and Enable Medicine share a common goal of improving patient care through personalized medicine. This partnership marks a significant step forward in their joint efforts to unlock the full potential of genomics and revolutionize the healthcare industry.


About BioChain®

BioChain, a global leader in biological sample analysis, is a biotechnology company based in Newark, California.  BioChain has provided the highest-quality biological research tools and services since 1994. With a focus on spatial biology, developed optimized kits and reagents, prepared DNA, RNA, protein lysates, and tissue sections and arrays, BioChain offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including a diverse collection of ethically sourced biospecimens, advanced molecular diagnostic technologies, and innovative solutions for research and development. Committed to excellence, BioChain's ISO-certified facilities ensure the reliability and integrity of its offerings, making it a trusted partner for scientists, researchers, and clinicians worldwide in their pursuit of breakthrough discoveries and improved healthcare solutions. To learn more about BioChain, visit 


About Enable Medicine

About Enable Medicine: Enable Medicine is a biotechnology company focused on precision medicine solutions. By leveraging multi-modal data and advanced technologies, Enable Medicine develops targeted therapeutics that address the underlying genetic drivers of diseases. Their mission is to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. To learn more about Enable Medicine, visit 


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