NEWARK, Calif. -- BioChain Institute, Inc. (“BioChain”), a leader in high-quality processed biosample products and services, is thrilled to announce a significant new addition to its product lineup: the Xenium Analyzer by 10x Genomics. This strategic expansion enhances BioChain’s spatial biology multiomics services. 

“BioChain is a center of excellence for spatial biology. Adding the Xenium Analyzer proves our commitment to offering cutting-edge spatial biology tools and services to empower researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical professionals in pursuing scientific excellence,” says Vidyodhaya Sundaram, Vice President of Business Development at BioChain. “Our goal is to become a one-stop shop from sample preparation to spatial data delivery  so our customers and partners can continue their scientific explorations.”

The Xenium Analyzer is a state-of-the-art solution offering subcellular profiling of RNA targets alongside multiplexed protein in fresh frozen or FFPE tissues. Leveraging advanced imaging and analytical capabilities, the Xenium Analyzer allows scientists to explore the spatial arrangement of cells, RNA, and proteins within tissues with unprecedented precision and depth. This breakthrough technology empowers researchers to gain deeper insights into the intricate biology of organisms, diseases, and cellular interactions.

"10x Genomics is excited to have BioChain as a 10x-trained Xenium Service Provider. Xenium is increasingly recognized as the best-performing system for in situ analysis due to its ease of use, best-in-class performance and 'top-notch' data quality. With the adoption of the Xenium platform, service providers such as BioChain make high-performance in situ analysis easily accessible to the scientific community and accelerate the pace of new discoveries that advance human health." -  Nikhil Rao, VP, Product Management and Xenium Business Leader.

 "The Xenium Analyzer aligns perfectly with BioChain’s mission to provide scientists with innovative tools that advance scientific and drug discovery,” continues Sundaram. “We believe this service will power our clients’ breakthrough opportunities.”

BioChain has steadily invested in its spatial biology services and now offers the following:

  1. 10x Genomics Visium Spatial multiomics services: Map the whole transcriptome within the tissue context with 10x Genomics Visium® Spatial Gene Expression. Unravel biological architectures in normal and diseased tissue and discover new biomarkers. 
  2. NanoString GeoMX DSP services: NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler is a flexible spatial-omics platform enabling spatial transcriptomics and/or spatial proteomics in user-selected regions of interest.
  3. Curio Bio Curio Seeker Whole Transcription Spatial Mapping: Based on Slide-seqV2 from the Broad Institute at MIT, Curio Seeker produces continuous high-resolution gene expression maps at 10um resolution.
  4. Enable Medicine: Accelerate insight discovery by generating, managing, and analyzing spatial biology data on the Enable Cloud Platform.
  5. Spatially Characterized Tissues: BioChain’s spatially characterized tissues supply robust spatial workflows (sample prep, imaging, library construction, sequencing, and data visualization.)

Xenium Analyzer services can be accessed by contacting our dedicated customer support team. BioChain also offers comprehensive training and support services to ensure researchers can harness the full potential of this cutting-edge technology.

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About BioChain®

BioChain, a global leader in biological sample analysis, is a biotechnology company based in Newark, California.  BioChain has provided the highest-quality biological research tools and services since 1994. With a focus on spatial biology, developed optimized kits and reagents, prepared DNA, RNA, protein lysates, and tissue sections and arrays, BioChain offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including a diverse collection of ethically sourced biospecimens, advanced molecular diagnostic technologies, and innovative solutions for research and development. Committed to excellence, BioChain's ISO-certified facilities ensure the reliability and integrity of its offerings, making it a trusted partner for scientists, researchers, and clinicians worldwide in their pursuit of breakthrough discoveries and improved healthcare solutions. To learn more about BioChain, visit

About the Xenium Platform

The Xenium platform for in situ analysis is the next generation of platforms for targeted single cell spatial profiling of genes and proteins at subcellular resolution. The platform includes a versatile and easy-to-use instrument, a diverse menu of curated, customizable and high-quality panels, and intuitive software for interactive data visualization and analysis. Leveraging its industry-leading throughput, Xenium enables subcellular mapping of hundreds to thousands of RNA targets, generating high-quality data with high sensitivity and specificity to reveal new insights into cellular structure and function.


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