Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit

  • Applications: Extraction
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Product Description

BioChain's Whole Blood RNA Isolation Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of RNA molecules from 200µl whole blood samples. The RNA molecules isolated using BioChain's Whole Blood Isolation Kit can be used in various downstream applications relating to gene regulation and functional analysis, including qRT-PCR, northern blotting and microarray profiling analysis.
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 1 kit
Shipping Blue Ice
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Method Manual
Applications Extraction
Sample Type Blood


Biochain's Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit was designed with quality, accuracy, reproducibility and ease of use.  It uses a spin-column format with a protocol designed to take less than 30 minutes to complete.  RNA isolated by this kit can be used in various downstream applications relating to gene regulation and functional genomics analysis, including qRT-PCR, Northern blotting and microarray profiling.  Biological and medical research activities require a high degree of reproducibility in order to ensure reliable results. Degraded RNA, or RNA that is contaminates with reagents carried over from the extraction, or from anticoagulants in the blood sample can dramatically affect results - generally leading to obviously failed experiments, but occasionally leading to erroneous conclusions as well.  Biochain's Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit provides a rapid, simple, and easy way to produce high quality RNA from blood samples.



What Makes BioChain's Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit The Right Tool For You?

BioChain has been isolating nucleic acids and proteins from multiple biological samples as a service for over 20 years.  Along the way, we've developed kits as we've needed them for specific applications, or to develop cost-effective ways to produce our own nucleic acid and protein products. Since our core business relies on the quality of the biological materials we produce for our clients, we're well aware of the need to prevent degradation and contamination from the purification kit reagents, from anticoagulants and preservatives added to samples, and from the biological samples themselves.  We also understand that the easier a kit is to use, the fewer errors will be made by technical staff - and given the workloads commonly found in molecular biology, protein chemistry, and biotechnology labs, even the best technicians appreciate a kit and protocol that's designed to minimize potential for error. Kits with clear protocols also help technicians know what to expect, and therefore help them plan their days more effectively.

Once extracted, the RNA isolated using our Whole Blood RNA Extraction kit can then be used for any known applications. Our kit will give you the confidence that your RNA will be pure and stable, so you can proceed with whatever research or testing you need to do without worry regarding the accuracy of your results and conclusions. With its own extensive experience as a producer of RNA, DNA, and protein from samples that are often difficult to obtain, that can also be challenging to work with, BioChain knows how to produce a kit and protocol that can be counted on.

BioChain Provides A RNA Extraction Kit You Can Rely On.

In summary, Biochain leverages its own experiences in nucleic acid and protein isolation to make it easier for your won technicians to get stable and pure RNA every time, from anticoagulated whole blood.  Whether you are doing Northern Blotting, microarray analysis, qRT-PCR, digital PCR, or RNASeq, we know how much is at stake, and consider the BioChain Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit to be the best tool for the job.