AnaPrep 48 Instrument

  • Applications: Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction, AnaPrep 48 Instrument
BioChain's AnaPrep Automation extraction system has adopted our extraction expertise for nucleic acid extraction to streamline your workflow.
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Product Description

BioChain’s AnaPrep 48 is a fully automated magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction platform that is efficient, effective, and economical. The AnaPrep 48 can process up to 48 samples simultaneously with flexible sample and elution volumes. The instrument is an open system that not only applies for BioChain's kits, but is also good for other vendors’ magnetic bead based extraction kits.

For research use only in the U.S. Currently available in the U.S. only.
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Product tags body fluid, plasma, serum, swab, automation, blood, genomic DNA
Applications Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction, AnaPrep 48 Instrument