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Explore the biological architecture of tissue in relation to RNA expression

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Learn how spatial biology technology allows researchers to visualize gene expression within the morphological context of tissues. Embrace the ability to assess the entire transcriptome in multiple tissues and study tumor microenvironments. From the location of tumor and immune cells, to what is happening in pre-cancerous areas, 10x Visium provides a resolution of 55um. 

BioChain scientists can offer key insights into the core solutions offered. In this webinar, they dive into problems encountered in the Visium workflow and in case studies. Explore the following key insights on BioChain’s offerings:

  • End-to-end services from tissue samples, staining and imaging, and library prep to data visualization.
  • 10x Visium and Nanostring GeoMx certified spatial transcriptomics service providers
  • Pathologists and experienced scientists can work on sample prep: tissue optimization and troubleshooting
  • Flexibility to design multimodal projects to validate data across different platforms
  • Ready-to-use pre-characterized tissue sections

**Webinar registrants are eligible for a 10% discount on their next order of standard products. Contact us for more information.

**10x Genomics and BioChain are launching a grant program for the use of 10x Visium for spatial biology studies of frozen or FFPE tissues. One grant winner will be awarded one free spatial gene expression solution kit for four reactions for services through BioChain.

Vidyodhaya (Vidya) Sundaram Ph.D,MBA

VP of Business Development

Elim Cheung, PhD


Rikita Gakhar

Application Scientist, PhD
Sales and Marketing, BioChain

John Manuel

Spatial Science & Technology Advisor
10x Genomics

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