NanoString GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiling

NanoString's GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler is a flexible spatial-omics platform enabling spatial transcriptomics and/or spatial proteomics in user-selected regions of interest. Combine the best of spatial and molecular profiling technologies by spatially profiling digital whole transcriptomes, cancer transcriptomes and profiling data for 100s of validated protein analytes.

Features & Benefits

Reliably and quantitatively assess the heterogeneity within your tissue samples with a combination of the most flexible, nondestructive, and robust high-plex and high-throughput spatial spatial solution.

Any Target - answer new questions with the Whole Transcriptome Atlas and the extensive catalog of validated protein assays

Any Region - explore true biology with flexible region of interest strategies

Any Sample - spatially profile even the most challenging sample types including FFPE, TMAs, and Fresh Frozen with no DV200% prequalification

Service Overview

GeoMx Cost Calculator

Disclosure: Estimate only. Reagent cost not included. NGS pricing estimates available separately.

Resolve Sample Heterogeneity

The current tradeoff problem: Researchers must choose between Spatial Information OR High-Plex

Current tissue analysis models force researchers to make a critical tradeoff between morphological analysis or high-plex, which forfeits important information or squanders prized samples.

The solution: NanoString DSP combines In Situ Visualization with Molecular Profiling Technologies to get the best of both worlds.

Sample data may be compromised by other cells that do not originate from the target tissue that researchers are profiling, so understanding tissue heterogeneity is critical to answering any biological questions.

A Simple Workflow for Your Assays

The GeoMx DSP workflow seamlessly integrates with current histology methods to get you robust and reproducible spatial omics data quickly.

Locate Your Regions of Interest

Have tunable dynamic profiling modalities at your fingertips.

Explore true biological questions with flexible region of interest (ROI) strategies. ROI selection is based on tissue morphology which allows researchers to precisely select which tissue compartments or cell types they want to profile. BioChain's team of spatial multiomics experts work side by side with researchers to assist them in the ROI selection process and aim to address all questions or concerns.


Grasp the different expressions of tumor and immune markers across the sample.

Discern how the tumor differs in comparison to the tumor microenvironment.

Understand how proximity to the tumor changes the biological response.

Uncover what lies in the deep molecular profile of the tumor with complete mapping.

Discover the unique expression profiles of immune cells that affect tumor biology.

Human Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA)

The GeoMx Human Whole Transcriptome Atlas  allows researchers in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, developmental biology, and other diverse fields to break barriers and unlock new pathways. NanoString’s WTA panel is an apt solution for transcriptome interrogation. With 18,000+ human targets and 21,000+ mouse targets, these panels help researchers explore new pathways to be explored and enable profiling in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and developmental biology.

" [on the topic of WTA] ... it provides the first steps toward functional characterization and annotation of genes/genomes previously revealed by DNA sequencing []; builds blueprints for reconstruction of genetic interaction networks to understand cellular functions, growth/development and biological systems []; produces molecular fingerprints of disease processes and prognoses to pinpoint potential targets for drug discovery and diagnostics [], and offers opportunities to examine the relationship between host and pathogen for novel strategies that can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic intervention []" - Whole transcriptome analysis with sequencing: methods, challenges and potential solutions

  • Unbiased coverage of over 18,000 protein-coding human genes
  • Cutting edge sensitively for 1000s of unique genes in <50 μm sections
  • Streamlined for NGS analysis pipelines at BioChain
  • Nondestructive across various sample types, including FFPE
  • Bypass the limitations of poly(A) pulldown with superior sensitively in heavily degraded tissues
  • Interactive & collaborative built in multiview bioinformatic toolset and data suite for real-time visualizations
  • Avoid the pitfalls of many traditional gene expression technologies:
    • Fluorescently-labeled in situ hybridization: (-) localizing cell type signatures is very challenging with protein-based IHC protocols
    • Bulk RNA sequencing & single cell RNAseq : (-) lack the plex to make those all-important new discoveries

Cancer Transcriptome Panel (CTA)

Designed for an all-inclusive profiling of tumor biology, the tumor microenvironment, and the immune response, the GeoMx Cancer Transcriptome Atlas is a research catalyst for the comprehensive coverage of cancer biology.

  • Efficient profiling of over 1,800 RNA targets simultaneously from a single tissue section
  • Unbiased coverage of 112 pathways crucial to immune response, tumor biology, and the microenvironment without sequencing unnecessary targets
  • Conveniently includes clinically important gene sets from BC 360 & IO 360 (e.g. 18-gene Tumor Inflammation Signature & 50-gene Prediction Analysis of Microarray 50 signature)
  • Cross-compatible with RNAscope and antibody morphology markers
  • Extensive validation ensures high quality data sensitivity and specificity
  • High reproducibility for spatial RNA detection between ROIs
  • Flexible for the broad detection of high, medium, and low expressing genes
  • Expose tissue heterogeneity with definite RNA expression profiles in the tumor as compared to the tumor microenvironment

Mouse Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA)

Understand the tissue architecture and the underlying functions of mouse models to advance research in developmental biology, disease onset, progression, treatment, and much more.

  • Complete WTA coverage across all mouse strains, including NOD/ShiLt, BALB/c, and C57BL/6N
  • Trailblazing sensitivity and specificity to detect many more genes, across broader expression ranges
  • Adaptable slides allow for different tissue microarrays, organ arrays, and tissues from different mice on the same slide
  • Focus on key functionally unique tissue structures and cell-types to gain a detailed understanding

GeoMx® Protein Assays

Break free of the traditional immunohistochemical methods that limit the number of markers you can profile from a single tissue section. GeoMx DSP allows for High-plex Spatial Proteomic Analysis of 96+ proteins, with all assays validated for use in multiplex, saving researchers the headaches associated with troubleshooting assay performance.

  • Specially designed to profile 10s-100s of protein targets simultaneously using NGS pipelines
  • Necessary controls included in the 4-plex GeoMx Protein Core for NGS, with your choice of 10-plex modules
  • Human Protein Core for NGS
  • Human Protein Modules for NGS
  • Mouse Protein Core for NGS
  • Mouse Protein Modules for NGS

Interested in GeoMx® DSP or have research questions?

Reach out about your project with one click! Address all of your concerns or questions with our live spatial consulting to see what is best for you.

GeoMx® Data Suite

Data discovery, visualization, analysis, and publishing have never been easier with the GeoMx DSP data suite. A fully end-to-end integrated solution provides researchers with all the tools to track image data and profiling data, enabling an efficient workflow from data collection to data analysis.


  • Side by side consulting with BioChain’s expert digital multiomics scientists to address all questions, comments, or concerns
  • Optimized data algorithms for automatically segmenting based on morphology markers
  • Integrated statistical tools to detect changes between groups (e.g. t-tests, linear mixed models) or to see outliers
  • Effortless visualizations of large data matrices
  • Rapidly visualize whole tissue sections at single cell resolutions and automate ROI selection to streamline the workflow
  • Built-in quality control assessments for data validation
  • High quality figures and images ready for publications

Cited in 75+ Peer-Reviewed Publications

"In our view, the major advantages of the platform are its high multiplexing ability on FFPE samples, requiring low hands-on time, and the non-destructive straightforward procedure that will contribute to dene biomarker signatures in discrete ROIs. More-over, the segmentation tool enables users to focus the analysis on, for example, distinct immune cell inltrates within a tumor area." - A user's perspective on GeoMx TM digital spatial proling



GeoMx® Detailed Brochure


GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler Overview


Guidelines for Choosing Morphology Markers

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