Saliva DNA Isolation Kit

  • Applications: Extraction
The isolated DNA can be used for PCR amplification template, Southern Blot analysis, SNP analysis, and DNA methylation research. Each kit can be used to isolate genomic DNA from 5 grams of tissue and cells.
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Product Description

BioChain's Saliva DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the purification of genomic DNA and circulating DNA from freshly collected saliva samples. Purification is performed with the use of Spin columns which bind the DNA. No phenol-chloroform and precipitation steps are involved in this procedure. Isolation of the DNA is performed by lysing the cells in a solution containing chaotropic salts and detergent.
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 1 kit
Shipping Ambient Temperature
Sex Contact Us
Age At Sampling Contact Us
Method Manual
Applications Extraction
Sample Type Saliva