PureSil-Silica Magnetic Beads

  • Species: N.A.
  • Applications: Extraction
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Product Description

PureSil-Silica Magnetic Beads are Fe3O4 magnetic beads coated with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) layer. Since silica is able to bind to the nucleic acids, PureSil-Silica Magnetic Beads serve as a simple and efficient tool for plasmid DNA purification for transfection or sequencing applications, genomic DNA purification for research or clinical applications, RNA purification for qPCR analysis, or PCR product clean-up for downstream analysis.
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 10 ml
Shipping Ambient Temperature
Species N.A.
Sex Contact Us
Age At Sampling Contact Us
Tissue N.A.
Donor Status N.A.
Method Manual, Automated
Applications Extraction
CATALOG #: L5011010


Certificate of Analysis


• Plasmid DNA isolation
• Genomic DNA isolation
• RNA purification for qPCR
• PCR product clean up

Advantages and Features:

• Capacity: >4mg DNA/ml beads
• 1-2 µm particle size
• Bead concentration: 40 mg/ml
• Bead density: ~1.03g/cm3
• Simple, short procedure
• No costly columns required
• No time consuming centrifugations required