AnaPrep 12 Dx Instrument

  • Applications: Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction, AnaPrep 12 Dx Instrument
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Product Description

BioChain’s AnaPrep Dx is a magnetic bead-based machine, has a traceability system, and the name was extracted from Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation system. It is designed to deliver up to 12 samples in approx. 1 hour using kits that are compatible with the machine. It is a workhorse for extracting viral RNA from nasal swabs during the COVID-19 pandemic for RT-qPCR testing and have been widely used for DNA/RNA extraction from blood and plasma, as well as from tissues. It comes with pre-programmed protocols to match with sample type so that user does not have to modify the instruction every time a new type of biological samples is used.
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Product tags body fluid, plasma, serum, swab, automation, blood, genomic DNA
Applications Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction, AnaPrep 12 Dx Instrument

BioChain’s AnaPrep Dx instrument is an upgraded fully automated sample preparation system after BioChain discontinued the Anaprep 12. The improved system is also efficient, effective and economical. Based on the latest magnetic bead technology, AnaPrep 12 Dx maintains all of the Anaprep 12 features, which is easy to use with three simple steps: load samples, run pre-programmed protocols, and collect purified samples, while is has traceability features to comply with CFR 21 for clinical diagnosis . The end result is reproducible high quality nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials that are ready for a variety of downstream applications. Anaprep 48 is a higher throughput system which is able to process up to 48 samples. Anaprep 48 is an open system that not only applied for BioChain's kits, but also for other vendors' magnetic bead-based extraction kits.


  • NEW - Traceability with log in IDs, scanning and barcode capabilities

  • Automated sample preparation of 1 up to 12 samples with pre-programmed protocols for the Anaprep 12 Dx. While the Anaprep 48 can prepare from 1 up to 48 samples

  • Consistent high purity nucleic acid using reliable reagents and methods

  • Saves time and labor with pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposables

  • Flexible design for processing customized sample numbers and elution volume (50-300ul)

  • Anaprep 12 Dx for both research and diagnostics, manufactured under GMP, ISO13485, and CE marking. Anaprep 48 is for research use only.

  • Minimizes contamination risks with unidirectional sample head and built-in UV lamp

  • Versatile system enables purification from various sample sources and the products are suitable for many downstream applications

  • Easy to Use and Error-free with simple steps, fool-proof design, and barcode reader for the Anaprep 12 Dx

  • Conserves space with an all-in-one, compact instrument