FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

  • Applications: Extraction
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Product Description

BioChain's FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit allows for facile and efficient deoxyribonucleic acid extraction from FFPE tissues. All necessary reagents for DNA extractions in FFPE tissue specimens are provided, including FFPE tissue lysis buffer, proteinase K, and an actin control primer for control qPCR reactions. The kit contains sufficient reagents for 100 FFPE tissue DNA extraction reactions.
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Product Specifications

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Size 1 kit
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Method Manual
Applications Extraction
Sample Type FFPE Tissue


BioChain's FFPE isolation kit, catalog number K5019100, is a unique product, with unique benefits and applications.  It is not a true purification kit.  Instead, it quantitatively releases both DNA and RNA from FFPE tissues, without extensive downstream purification.  This kit uses a non-volatile, non-toxic reagent to de-paraffinize, and then employs enzymes to digest FFPE tissue.  The tissue digests are then subjected to de-crosslinking of the DNA and RNA released from the tissue.  When these tissue digests are diluted 1:2, they form a good template for PCR, qPCR, qRT-PCR and similar applications.  Thus, this kit provides a simple way to release nucleic acids from FFPE tissue without risking the yield losses that can result from purification steps.

Since we have been isolating and working with nucleic acids from virtually all types of FFPE and frozen tissue for over 20 years, we're aware that sometimes you need to go through a full column- or bead- based purification (and we provide kits for these).  We're also aware that for some applications, it's better to create a tissue lysate that contains de-crosslinked nucleic acid that can be used in common downstream applications with sufficient dilution.


What can this FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit Used For?

This FFPE tissue DNA extraction kit can used to release genomic DNA from FFPE tissues for use in PCR - based procedures.  A second use is for RT-PCR and qRT-PCR amplification of RNA liberated from FFPE tissue.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit From BioChain?

BioChain's FFPE isolation kit, catalog number K5019100, offers several unique advantages.  This kit does not use any toxic volatile organic reagents, so your work can be done at your bench top and not in a fume hood.  There are no magnetic bead-, or column- based purification steps.  While extra purification can be useful for some applications, this kit releases nucleic acids into a buffer that will not interfere with reverse transcriptases or PCR enzymes.  When diluted according to the protocol, the released nucleic acids will perform well for you.  One big advantage to this is that you don't need to worry about losing any precious, rare templates during a purification step.  A second advantage is that the protocol involves few steps, which reduces the chances for error and saves time.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using the FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit From BioChain?

The nucleic acids produced by this kit are stable, de-crosslinked, and ready for downstream applications involving reverse transcriptase and PCR amplificaiton.  But they are not purified.  Should you require a highly purified product, please see our Anaprep FFPE DNA extraction kit, or our bead- and column- based kits.