Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue and Cultured Cells

KC010100 C409065
  • Applications: Assay
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Product Description

BioChain’s Mitochondria Isolation Kit allows you to isolate mitochondria, which remain intact and active, from both tissues and cultured cells. The protocol is rapid, and can generally be completed in less than 45 minutes, with a minimum of steps.  This product can also be used to simultaneously isolate mitochondria, and recover enzymatically active cytosolic and nuclear protein fractions from the same sample homogenate by employing an optional protocol, and a proteinase inhibitor cocktail, that are included in kit and the manual.
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Product Specifications

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Size 1 kit
Shipping Dry Ice
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Applications Assay
Sample Type Tissue, Cells


The Mitochondria Isolation kit provides a set of reagents and optimized protocols for isolation of intact, active mitochondria for use in virtually any downstream application, including enzyme activity assays, apoptosis, metabolic, signal transduction, proteomics and mitochondrial disease studies.  A mitochondria lysis buffer, with protease inhibitors is included, should a mitochondrial protein lysate be desired.

The mitochondria isolation kit and protocols are designed to be scaled up or down as needed.  One kit contains sufficient reagents for 100 isolations (enriching mitochondria from 10 – 20 g tissue or from 1×10n^10 – 5×1010 cells).  To determine the affectivity of our Mitochondria isolation kit, the enzymatic activity and integrity of isolated mitochondria has been confirmed.  This is accomplished using BioChain’s Mitochondria Activity Assay Kit (Catalog # KC310100), which measures Cytochrome C Oxidase Activity.

As a QC step, a kit of each lot is assayed by taking a sample through the complete isolation procedure.  The yields, integrity and activity of mitochondria isolated using this lot must be comparable to those obtained with a control lot for the kit to pass quality control. BioChain also provides many related kits for enzyme activity, total protein isolation, isolation of proteins from the major cellular compartments within proteins.

We have also developed kits and standard protocols to take the variability out of Western blots.


• Isolation of intact and enzymatically active mitochondria
• Mitochondrial, cytoplasmic, and nuclear protein extraction

Advantages and Features:

• Isolate intact and active mitochondria in less than an hour
• Guidelines are provided for optimizing purity and yield
• No ultracentrifuge required
• Highly reliable and reproducible High yield of intact and enzymatically active mitochondria