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BioChain offers a wide variety of assays including bio-assays, cell-based assays, and enzyme assays

  • Simple and convenient to use

  • Sensitive and accurate

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  • Non-radioactive

BioAssay Kits

BioChain has developed a wide variety of BioAssay Kits that are designed for routine laboratory tests and high-throughput drug screening applications. These kits are ready-to-use, so that researchers can spend less time on assay optimization. We provide assay kits for detecting the concentration of important components in both blood and urine, DNA analysis kits for measuring nanogram quantities of different DNA molecules, kits to directly measure the alcohol concentration in a sample, oxidative stress assays kits, and protein concentration assay kits. Our Kits were developed with safety and efficiency in mind. Our assays utilize techniques that are harmless and non-radioactive such as: fluorescence or bio- and chemiluminescence.


  • Blood and urine analysis

  • Oxidative stress

  • DNA and protein determination

  • Ethanol determination

  • Environmental and food analysis

  • Reporter gene assay

Cell-based Assay Kits

BioChain offers a wide variety of cell-based assay kits which are functional genomics tools used to address issues pertaining to genomic and proteomic research. BioChain’s assay kits are exceptional resources for investigating drug targets and providing target validation. Simplify your cell-based discovery projects and save time using our non-radioactive reagents that are compatible with high throughput liquid handling. Our kits provide whole cell data which is reflected as an accurate representation of the physiological conditions within the cells. We also offer custom services, in-house expertise, and technical support to assist you with accelerating your cell-based projects.


  • Cell proliferation

  • Cell toxicity

  • Apoptosis

  • Cell signaling

  • Cell damage

  • Activity assay

Enzyme Assay Kits

In almost all cellular processes, enzymes play an important role. They have an effect on signaling pathways, gene expression and metabolism causing a significant amount of drug and therapeutic research to be targeted around their activity. At BioChain, we’ve developed a wide range of enzyme assay kits that are designed for enzymatic activity testing. The kits we provide contain all the necessary reagents and assays for detecting enzyme activity by absorbance, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence detection techniques. Our kits are also non-radioactive. With our assay kits, researchers can spend little to no time on assay optimization and more time on other important procedures and discoveries.


  • Enzyme Activity

  • Enzyme Ratio


ATP Assay Kit

  • Z5030041

  • 100 assays

  • Please call for price.


DNA Assay Kit

  • Z5030023

  • 250 assays

  • Please call for price.


Heme Assay Kit

  • Z5030027

  • 250 assays

  • Please call for price.


Iron Assay Kit

  • Z5030022

  • 250 assays

  • Please call for price.