Express Cloning Checker Kit I: Red Solution

  • Applications: qPCR, PCR
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Product Description

BioChain's Express Cloning Checker Kits provide highly efficient methods of identifying recombinant colonies after transformation eliminating time-consuming plasmid preparation. In the large-scale screen method, the partial colonies of E. coli bacteria can be directly transfered from the transformation plates into the solutions of the kits and immediately run on an agarose gel electrophoresis. The results will be known within 1-2 hours instead of the 2 days required in a conventional method of labor-intensive plasmid DNA miniprep or colony hybridization.
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Product Specifications

Features Specifications
Size 1 ml
Shipping Ambient Temperature
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Age At Sampling Contact Us
Applications qPCR, PCR
Sample Type Plasmids
CATALOG #: K5011200-1

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