Decoding the Complexity of Life:

A Journey into Spatial Biology Services

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BioChain, a well-established biospecimen and service provider, started its journey into spatial biology in 2021 by becoming a certified service provider for 10x Visium and Nanostring's GeoMx platforms. Since then, we have helped customers develop projects to dive deeper into cancer biology with spatial transcriptomics. Our partners now include Curio Bio and Enable Medicine, an unprecedented wealth of service providers.

We have processed precious samples, delivered results, and expanded our capabilities from being an end-to-end service provider to a multimodal spatial biology company. We are excited to evolve further in this realm by building new partnerships and strengthening existing ones to provide the best services to our customers.  

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BioChain specializes in providing a fully customizable, end-to-end, full stack process with in-house tissues, histopathology team services, digital Leica scanning, and an expert NGS data analysis team to fulfill all of your research needs.