Spatial Biology Symposium

Didn’t get a chance to attend our live event? No problem! You can stream our Spatial Biology Symposium 2023 on demand now.

BioChain’s team of spatial biology experts is thrilled to invite you to watch the inaugural Spatial Biology Symposium. Leading scientists from 10x Genomics, NanoString Technologies, STOmics Americas, and Enable Medicine presented cutting-edge research on spatial biology and its wide-ranging implications.

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Featured Speakers

Rikita Gakhar, Ph.D.
Application Scientist
BioChain Institute, Inc.

Praveer Sharma, PhD
Product Application Scientist
NanoString Technologies

Samantha Shelton, Ph.D.
Science & Technology Advisor
10x Genomics

Gulpreet Kaur, Ph.D.
Business Development Director
Enable Medicine

John Manuel, PA(ASCP)
Director of Business Development for Spatial Genomics
STOmics Americas

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