Custom Sample Collection Service

BioChain has been collecting biospecimens for over 20 years.  We have extensive connections with various vendors and facilities to procure samples.  Our procurement and processing process is stream-lined to offer systematic and quality samples.

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Custom Sample Collection Service

Example of completed Projects for Pharmaceutics and Diagnostics:

  • 400 FFPE lung cancer samples, 200 matched serum samples collected,Perform FFPE tissue and circulating DNA isolation, Perform real time PCR with Roche LC480
  • Collect FFPE+ Blood separated into plasma + rest of blood from 162 donors from 10 different tumor types
  • 4 types of Matched Paired frozen tumor tissue, 25-30 donors from each type of tumor

We offer system service where we collect samples, process them and analyze the results.


Clinical Patient Sample Collection and Analysis

Biochain provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with clinical sample collection and analysis services. Some case studies are described below.

Sample Collection:

1. Cancer patients’ body fluid and tumor samples according to various customers’ specifications

2. Various normal and diseased tissues from autopsy.

3. Collection of other types of samples may be available upon request.

Sample Preparation:

  • DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation
  • Tissue Sections and Tissue Arrays
  • Making sections on printed slides from FFPE blocks either procured by Biochain or provided by customers

Sample Analysis:

  • PCR and NGS analysis for DNA and RNA
  • Western Analysis of Protein lysate
  • IHC and ISH test for tissue sections and tissue arrays


Sample Collection Case Study

Inquiry: A Principle Investigator “PI” needed to collect 400 NSCLC FFPE blocks and 2 ml plasma from each donor and could not find a cost effective supplier to provide the samples.

Solution: BioChain was able to collect all of the samples and provide the tissue section and isolated the DNA from the samples.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we would like to ask the following questions so that we may understand your requirements better. You can also give us a call at 1-888-762-2568.

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