BioChain Announces Colorectal Screening Deal with Clinical Genomics

Newark, CA (U.S.A.)- BioChain, a leading clinical diagnostics company in cancer and genetic testing with operations in USA and China and Clinical Genomics, an Australian biotechnology company have announced a deal that makes BioChain the exclusive distributor of Clinical Genomics’ colorectal cancer screening technology throughout China. This deal comes at a time when China’s cancer screening program looks set to expand.

BioChain China will distribute the fecal immunochemical test that was developed in Australia and is currently marketed and sold around the globe, including the USA where it is marketed as Insure FIT®. Since 1999 more than 10 million people have been screened using InSure® FIT™. In Australia this stool-based FIT test is currently offered as part of the BowelScreen™ program in partnership with Bowel Cancer Australia and is available through GPs and pharmacies.

Grace Tian, CEO of BioChain stated, “BioChain is committed to providing early detection strategies for cancer. We investigate multiple methods for screening and by acquiring the distribution rights for InSure® FIT™ in China we enhance our effort be the leading provider for colorectal cancer screening and detection. By providing a sensitive stool option for CRC screening, we hope to provide more access for testing which not only saves lives but is also cost effective.”

Clinical Genomics CEO Dr Larry LaPointe said the company was delighted with the deal and the collaboration was yet another international vote of confidence in the company’s cancer screening solutions. “Screening for colorectal cancer is a major public health priority for countries around the world. Stool-based screening using a fecal immunochemical test is the evidence-based option being adopted worldwide on clear evidence it will save lives. Governments are actively seeking affordable, cost-effective and flexible cancer screening solutions for their communities. The Insure ‘brush’ test is easy to use and is designed for large screening programs. This test is ideal for large countries such as China with regional and remote communities that may not otherwise have accessible screening options,” said Dr LaPointe.

BioChain will run an initial trial that will be used as part of the approval package for the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). The companies’ goal is to position the InSure® FIT™ as being suitable for integration into the China Cancer Screening Feasibility Study recently announced by the Chinese Government.

Clinical Genomics is also seeking to broaden bowel cancer screening options in the future with its new molecular diagnostic test. The company recently signed a license agreement with the CSIRO in Australia to market the co-developed blood test globally. When it becomes widely available, ColoVantage Plasma® is intended for those people cannot or will not screen using a fecal immunochemical test.

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