BioChain is proud to launch CancerSeq™ Plus. This next generation sequence (NGS) characterized FFPE tumor tissues is the product of a non-exclusive agreement with ArcherDX. Multiple types of tumor FFPE samples, including NSCLC samples, will be comprehensively screened for oncogenic fusions, copy number variations (CNVs), single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertions/deletions (indels) using the Archer VariantPlex™ and FusionPlex™ Solid Tumor assays.

“We are extremely pleased to join this collaboration with ArcherDx”, said Grace Tian, CEO at BioChain. “BioChain is committed to supporting cancer research and early cancer detection. For a long time, our customers have inquired about FFPE tissue samples with specific cancer related mutations. With ArcherDX’s expertise in NGS and BioChain’s strength and experience in commercializing tissue samples, we are moving ahead in fulfilling the needs of our customers. Now, with CancerSeq™ Plus, we are able to provide not just SNVs and indels, but also CNV information. In the near future, we will also offer gene fusion information, and we believe that such FFPE tumor tissues with genotyping information will address a current need for the NGS field.”

“There’s an unmet need for mutation-positive FFPE samples, specifically for genes like RET, NTRK, and MET,” said Jason Myers, CEO and co-founder of ArcherDX. “By working with BioChain to make these known-positive FFPE samples available to our customers, we are resolving a major bottleneck in translational research.”

“BioChain is an ideal partner on this project,” says Jason Amsbaugh, Director of Marketing at ArcherDX. “For over 20 years, BioChain has been supplying tissue samples and other biospecimens to researchers, and have significant experience in tissue preparation and nucleic acid extraction. By combining Archer’s NGS expertise with BioChain’s large tissue repository and market presence, we’ve created genotyped tissue products that will be a welcome addition for many laboratories.”

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