• Fibrosing Cholestatic Hepatitis C After Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: Report of 3 Fatal Cases
    AT Evans, KR Loeb, HM Shulman… – The American journal …, 2015 – journals.lww.com
    Positive antibody results lead to serum tests for HCV RNA and HBV DNA after being heat thawed
    and fixed in acetone, were treated with 0.2 N HCl and proteinase K (1 μg/mL) and soaked in
    equilibration solution, followed by prehybridization solution (Biochain, Newark, CA) at
  • MicroRNA‐145 as one negative regulator of astrogliosis
    CY Wang, SH Yang, SF Tzeng – Glia, 2015 – Wiley Online Library
     into the RNA-induced silencing complex, and bind to target mRNAs at the  translation through
    mRNA degradation, translational repression, and/or miRNA-mediated mRNA decay (Filipowicz 
    hybridization kit and following the procedure recommended by the vendor (Biochain Ins
  • MicroRNA-29a Protects Against Glucocorticoid-Induced Bone Loss and Fragility in Rats by Orchestrating Bone Acquisition and Resorption
    Feng-Sheng Wang, Pei-Chin Chung, Chung-Liang Lin, Ming-Wen Chen, Huei-Jin Ke, Yu-Hsuan Chang, Yu-Shan Chen, Shin-Long Wu, Jih-Yang Ko
    Arthritis Rheum. (8.4), 2013-06-03, 65, 1530-40
    … conditions. Total mRNA was isolated using microRNA isolation kits (BioChain). … conditions. In situ hybridization for sections was performed using IsHyb in situ hybridization kits (BioChain) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. …
  • Nrf2 is not required for epithelial prohibitin-dependent attenuation of experimental colitis
    Arwa S Kathiria, Mackenzie A Butcher, Jason M Hansen, Arianne L Theiss
    Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. (3.5), 2013-05-15, 304, G885-96
    … Two micrograms of reverse-transcribed cDNA (Optimaz First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit, BioChain, Newark, CA) were amplified by quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) using 10 μM gene-specific primers and iQ SYBR Green Supermix (Bio-Rad). ..
  • Alternative splicing and proteolytic rupture contribute to the generation of soluble IL-6 receptors (sIL-6R) in rheumatoid arthritis
    José Ramón Lamas, Luis Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Pilar Tornero-Esteban, Esther Villafuertes, José Hoyas, Lydia Abasolo, Jezabel Varadé, Roberto Alvarez-Lafuente, Elena Urcelay, Benjamín Fernández-Gutiérrez
    Cytokine (3.5), 2013-03-11, 61, 720-3
    … for the experiments. Total RNA was obtained from PBMCs using an RNeasy Mini Isolation Kit (Qiagen). RNA (10 ng) was retrotranscribed, using BioChain‘s Optimax First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (BioChain). RT-PCR was …
  • Sarbani Ghoshal, Jassir Witta, Jian Zhong, Willem de Villiers, and Erik Eckhardt
    Chylomicrons promote intestinal absorption of lipopolysaccharides
    Lipid Res., Jan 2009; 50: 90 – 97.
    … …tubes were certified endotoxin free. RT-PCR RNA was transcribed into cDNA with MMLV reverse transcriptase as part of the BiochainOptimax kit, using random hexamers. Expression of TNFalpha cDNA was quantified with real-time PCR using the primer pairs 5… …
  • Expression of immune genes on chromosome 6p21.3-22.1 in schizophrenia
    Melissa L Sinkus, Catherine E Adams, Judith Logel, Robert Freedman, Sherry Leonard
    Brain Behav. Immun. (4), 2013-06-17, 32, 51-62
    … Then they were rinsed in dimethylpyrocarbonate treated water. In situ hybridization was performed with an ISHyb in situ hybridization kit (BioChain, Hayward, CA). For each experiment a DIG labeled sense mRNA probe control was also included as a specificity control. …
  • Transgenic Overexpression of cdx1b Induces Metaplastic Changes of Gene Expression in Zebrafish Esophageal Squamous Epithelium
    Bo Hu, Hao Chen, Xiuping Liu, Chengjin Zhang, Gregory J Cole, Ju-Ahng Lee, Xiaoxin Chen
    Zebrafish (1.9), 2013-06-06, 10, 218-27
    … polymerase. Sense probes were also transcribed for control experiments. The procedure of in situ hybridization on paraffin sections was based on the protocol of a commercial kit (IsHyb in situ Hybridization kit; BioChainInstitute). The …
  • MicroRNA-320 suppresses the stem cell-like characteristics of prostate cancer cells by downregulating the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
    I-Shan Hsieh, Kung-Chao Chang, Yao-Tsung Tsai, Jhen-Yu Ke, Pei-Jung Lu, Kuen-Haur Lee, Shauh-Der Yeh, Tse-Ming Hong, Yuh-Ling Chen
    Carcinogenesis (5.4), 2013-03-26, 34, 530-8
    … tissue. The samples were placed in a humidified chamber and incubated in an incubator at 55ºC overnight. The signals were amplified with an NBT/BCIP chromogen at 37ºC using the IsHyb In Situ Hybridization kit (BioChain). For …
  • Cellular localization of aquaporin mRNA in hybrid poplar stems
    Adriana M Almeida-Rodriguez, Uwe G Hacke
    J. Bot. (3.1), 2012-07-10, 99, 1249-54
    … al. (2006). Sense probe hybridizations were used as controls. In situ hybridization was performed using an IsHyb In Situ Hybridization Kit (BioChain, Hayward, California, USA) following the manufacturer’s instructions. An additional …
  • Renal neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin expression in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute kidney injury in the rat
    Mei Han, Ying Li, Maodong Liu, Yingmin Li, Bin Cong
    BMC Nephrol (2.1), 2012-06-28, 13, 25
    … In situ hybridization. In situ hybridization was performed on 5-μm sections using an acetylcholine receptor in situ hybridization Kit (BioChainInstitute, Hayward, CA) with some modifications to the instructions provided by the manufacturers. …
  • Absence of μ opioid receptor mRNA expression in astrocytes and microglia of rat spinal cord
    Sheng-Chin Kao, Xiuli Zhao, Chun-Yi Lee, Fidelis E Atianjoh, Estelle B Gauda, Myron Yaster, Yuan-Xiang Tao
    Neuroreport (1.8), 2012-04-18, 23, 378-84
    … Life Sciences, Piscataway, NJ). In situ hybridization histochemistry was conducted by using the IsHyb in Situ Hybridization kit (BioChainInstitute, Inc., Hayward, CA) following the manufacturer’s instructions. Briefly, the sections …
  • MicroRNA-1826 targets VEGFC, beta-catenin (CTNNB1) and MEK1 (MAP2K1) in human bladder cancer
    Hiroshi Hirata, Yuji Hinoda, Koji Ueno, Varahram Shahryari, Z Laura Tabatabai, Rajvir Dahiya
    Carcinogenesis (5.4), 2012-01-29, 33, 41-8
    … In situ hybridization. We performed ISH using BC tissue array (catalog#: BL801; US Biomax, Inc) and IsHyb In Situ Hybridization Kit (BioChain, Hayward, CA) in order to detect miR-1826 in human bladder tissues (normal and cancer) following the manufacturers’ protocol. …
  • Analysis of osteopontin levels for the identification of asymptomatic patients with calcific aortic valve disease
    Juan B Grau, Paolo Poggio, Rachana Sainger, William J Vernick, William F Seefried, Emanuela Branchetti, Benjamin C Field, Joseph E Bavaria, Michael A Acker, Giovanni Ferrari
    Thorac. Surg. (3.6), 2012-01-21, 93, 79-86
    … In situ mRNA hybridization was used to detect total OPN and its isoforms with the custom-designed probes purchased from Exiqon (Woburn, MA). An in situ hybridization kit from BioChainInstitute Inc (Hayward, CA) was used to perform the detection steps. In Vitro Calcification. …
  • Tumor suppressor microRNA-493 decreases cell motility and migration ability in human bladder cancer cells by downregulating RhoC and FZD4
    Koji Ueno, Hiroshi Hirata, Shahana Majid, Soichiro Yamamura, Varahram Shahryari, Z Laura Tabatabai, Yuji Hinoda, Rajvir Dahiya
    Cancer Ther. (5.2), 2012-01-11, 11, 244-53
    … Immunoprecipitation was repeated independently 2 times. In situ hybridization. Tissue arrays were purchased from US Biomax, Inc. For in situ hybridization, IsHyb In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Kit was used according to the manufacturer’s instructions (BioChain). …
  • Biao Feng, Shali Chen, Kara McArthur, Yuexiu Wu, Subhrojit Sen, Qingming Ding, Ross D. Feldman, and Subrata Chakrabarti
    miR-146a–Mediated Extracellular Matrix Protein Production in Chronic Diabetes Complications
    Diabetes, Nov 2011; 60: 2975 – 2984.
    … …detection probes (Exiqon, Vedbaek, Denmark) were used to detect miR-146a expression using an in situ hybridization (ISH) kit (BiochainInstitute, Hayward, CA), as described (22,32). Scrambled probes and no-probe controls were used as controls. Statistical… …
  • Seong O. Suh, Yi Chen, Mohd Saif Zaman, Hiroshi Hirata, Soichiro Yamamura, Varahram Shahryari, Jan Liu, Z.Laura Tabatabai, Sanjay Kakar, Guoren Deng, Yuichiro Tanaka, and Rajvir Dahiya
    MicroRNA-145 is regulated by DNA methylation and p53 gene mutation in prostate cancer
    Carcinogenesis, May 2011; 32: 772 – 778.
    … …muM; 5-AGGGATTCCTGGGAAAACTGGAC-3, Exiqon, Tustin, CA) complementary to mature miR-145 and IsHyb in situ hybridization Kit (BioChain, Hayward, CA) following the protocol from Exiqon. Briefly, 5 mum sections were deparaffinized, hydrated, treated with proteinase… …
  • Kee K. Kim, Yong C. Kim, Robert S. Adelstein, and Sachiyo Kawamoto
    Fox-3 and PSF interact to activate neural cell-specific alternative splicing
    Nucleic Acids Res., Apr 2011; 39: 3064 – 3078.
    … …5-CTGGGGTTTCACGGGCTTAGGCGATTCCTG-3′. Hybridization and detection were carried out using an IsHyb In Situ Hybridization kit (BiochainInstitute Inc.) and a DNADetector System (KPL Inc.) according to the manufacturers protocols. The specimens were examined using… …
  • Kara McArthur, Biao Feng, Yuexiu Wu, Shali Chen, and Subrata Chakrabarti
    MicroRNA-200b Regulates Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor–Mediated Alterations in Diabetic Retinopathy
    Diabetes, Apr 2011; 60: 1314 – 1323.
    … …detection probe (Exiqon, Vedbaek, Denmark) was used to detect miR-200b expression along with the In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Kit (BiochainInstitute, Hayward, CA) (23). Scrambled probes and no-probe controls were used as controls. Statistical analysis. Data are… …
  • Katarina Stark, Zhong-Liu Wu, Cheryl J. Bartleson, and F. Peter Guengerich
    mRNA Distribution and Heterologous Expression of Orphan Cytochrome P450 20A1
    Drug Metab. Dispos., Sep 2008; 36: 1930 – 1937.
    … …hybridization fluorescence sections were thawed to room temperature before a hybridization solution (IsHyb In Situ Hybridization Kit; BioChain Institute, Hayward, CA) was added, and sections were prehybridized in a humidified chamber (2 h at 42C). The sections were…
  • Wenli Liu, Yueqin Liu, Jianqiong Zhu, Elizabeth Wright, Ivan Ding, and Griffin P. Rodgers
    Reduced hGC-1 Protein Expression Is Associated with Malignant Progression of Colon Carcinoma
    Cancer Res., Feb 2008; 14: 1041 – 1049.
    … …with antisense and sense Dig-labeled hGC-1 probe (2 ng/muL) at 62C for 15 h with rotation using an in situ hybridization kit (Biochain). The result was detected with anti-dig antibody (1:1,000) and nitroblue tetrazolium/5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate… …
    Ref. Link