BioChain’s 2nd Annual Spatial Symposium

Three Decades of Pioneering Precision Medicine, Enriching Science, Shaping Futures

Now in its second year, BioChain’s Spatial Symposium explores the cutting edge of spatial multiomics insights. Significant advances in high-resolution spatial methods offered by our esteemed partners, in combination with BioChain’s highest-quality biosample repository and sample preparation & analysis resources, equal a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see these breakthroughs first-hand.

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Learn more about how the newest spatial biology technologies allow researchers to visualize gene expression within the morphological context of tissues at even higher resolutions. Embrace the ability to assess the entire transcriptome in multiple tissues and study tumor microenvironments.

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BioChain specializes in providing a fully customizable, end-to-end, full stack process with in-house tissues, histopathology team services, digital Leica scanning, and an expert NGS data analysis team to fulfill all of your research needs.