Why Do Mutations in the Ubiquitously Expressed Housekeeping Gene IMPDH1 Cause Retina-Specific Photoreceptor Degeneration?

Sara J. Bowne, Qin Liu, Lori S. Sullivan, Jingya Zhu, Catherine J. Spellicy, Catherine Bowes Rickman, Eric A. Pierce, Stephen P. Daiger
Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. Sep 1, 2006
… …additional human tissues was purchased from BioChain (Hayward, CA). Total RNA (20 Mg) from…peripheral blood leukocyte first-strand cDNA (BioChain) using the following primers: 5-gacgacgacaagatggccgactacctgattagtgg-3…human retinal cDNA was purchased from BioChain. Retinal transcripts were analyzed with… …

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