Up-Regulation of UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1A4 by 17β-Estradiol: A Potential Mechanism of Increased Lamotrigine Elimination in Pregnancy

Huiqing Chen, Kyunghee Yang, Suyoung Choi, James H. Fischer, Hyunyoung Jeong
Drug Metab. Dispos. Sep 1, 2009
… …construct the pGL3-UGT1A4 plasmid, the upstream region of UGT1A4 (-2399 to +28) was PCR-amplified using human genomic DNA (Biochain, Hayward, CA) as the template and a pair of primers: forward and reverse primers of 5-TGCCTACCACAGACACTAAG-3 and 5-TCAGCAGAAGCCACCGAC-3… …

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