TLR9 provokes inflammation in response to fetal DNA: mechanism for fetal loss in preterm birth and preeclampsia

Andrea Scharfe-Nugent, Sinéad C Corr, Susan B Carpenter, Louise Keogh, Brendan Doyle, Cara Martin, Katherine A Fitzgerald, Sean Daly, John J O’Leary, Luke A J O’Neill
J. Immunol. Jun 1, 2012
… for assay. I?Ba degradation. Cells were stimulated for various times with either fetal DNA (22-wk female fetus; BioChain), adult DNA (blood of a 50-y-old female; BioChain) or human CpG (Invivogen) at 1.5 µg/ml or 3 µg/ml. I?Ba …

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