The transglutaminase 2 gene (TGM2), a potential molecular marker for chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity, is epigenetically silenced in breast cancer

Lingbao Ai, Wan-Ju Kim, Berna Demircan, Lisa M. Dyer, Kevin J. Bray, Ryan R. Skehan, Nicole A. Massoll, Kevin D. Brown
Carcinogenesis Mar 1, 2008
… …30 s; 60C (for M primer set) or 56C (for U primer set), 30 s] and final extension at 72C for 10 min. Human placental gDNA (Biochain Institute, Hayward, CA) either unmodified or methylated in vitro with SssI methylase (NEB, Ipswich, MA) was used as validation… …

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