The Serine Protease Marapsin Is Expressed in Stratified Squamous Epithelia and Is Up-regulated in the Hyperproliferative Epidermis of Psoriasis and Regenerating Wounds

Wei Li, Dimitry M. Danilenko, Stuart Bunting, Rajkumar Ganesan, Susan Sa, Ronald Ferrando, Thomas D. Wu, Ganesh A. Kolumam, Wenjun Ouyang, Daniel Kirchhofer
J. Biol. Chem. Jan 1, 2009
… …system. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES Reagents-Total RNA from human pancreas was purchased from different suppliers (Clontech, BioChain, Stratagene, Ambion, U. S. Biologicals, and Chemicon). Human and mouse total RNA adult tissue panels were purchased from Clontech… …

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