The PPAR- activator fenofibrate fails to provide myocardial protection in ischemia and reperfusion in pigs

Ya Xu, Li Lu, Clifford Greyson, Mona Rizeq, Karin Nunley, Beata Wyatt, Michael R. Bristow, Carlin S. Long, Gregory G. Schwartz
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol May 1, 2006
… …the porcine liver (CPT-Ia) and muscle (CPT-Ib) genes were amplified from normal pig heart and liver with PCR-ready cDNAs (BioChain, Hayward, CA) by using 20-mer primers complementary to bases 196-215 (forward) and 390-409 (reverse) for CPT-Ia and bases… …

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