The MspJI family of modification-dependent restriction endonucleases for epigenetic studies

Devora Cohen-Karni, Derrick Xu, Lynne Apone, Alexey Fomenkov, Zhiyi Sun, Paul J. Davis, Shannon R. Morey Kinney, Megumu Yamada-Mabuchi, Shuang-yong Xu, Theodore Davis, Sriharsa Pradhan, Richard J. Roberts, Yu Zheng
PNAS Jul 1, 2011
… …16) and enzymatically m CpG-methylated Jurkat cell DNA were obtained from NEB, and other genomic DNAs were purchased from BioChain [rabbit liver DNA (#D1834149), corn DNA (#D1634330), soy bean DNA (#D1634370)]. In the digestion series presented in Fig… …

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