Precise determination of the diversity of a combinatorial antibody library gives insight into the human immunoglobulin repertoire

Jacob Glanville, Wenwu Zhai, Jan Berka, Dilduz Telman, Gabriella Huerta, Gautam R. Mehta, Irene Ni, Li Mei, Purnima D. Sundar, Giles M. R. Day, David Cox, Arvind Rajpal, Jaume Pons
PNAS Dec 1, 2009
… …Total RNA and/or mRNA were obtained from 637 healthy human peripheral blood leukocyte donors (BioChain Institute and Clontech) and 17 human spleens (BioChain Institute, Clontech, and OriGene). First strand cDNA was synthesized by using human heavy… …

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