Pim1 kinase is upregulated in glioblastoma multiforme and mediates tumor cell survival

S Herzog, MA Fink, K Weitmann, C Friedel, S Hadlich, S Langner, K Kindermann, T Holm, A Böhm, E Eskilsson, H Miletic, M Hildner, M Fritsch, S Vogelgesang, C Havemann, CA Ritter, HE Meyer zu Schwabedissen, B Rauch, W Hoffmann, HK Kroemer, H Schroeder, S Bien-Möller
Neuro Oncology Feb 1, 2015
…disorders. Further, protein as well as RNA of 2 nonmalignant specimens (1 frontal and 1 temporal lobe) were obtained from BioChain Institute. For assessment of overall survival (OS), we made attempts to obtain information for all patients with glioblastoma…

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