Osteocyte control of bone formation via sclerostin, a novel BMP antagonist

Winkler DG, Sutherland MK, Geoghegan JC, Yu C, Hayes T, Skonier JE, Shpektor D, Jonas M, Kovacevich BR, Staehling-Hampton K, Appleby M, Brunkow ME, Latham JA.
EMBO J. Dec 1, 2003
… …hMSCs cultured in growth (undifferentiated hMSCs) or osteogenic (hMSCs to osteoblasts) medium were harvested 21 days after plating and RNA isolated for RT–PCR analyses of SOST, COL1A1, PPAR?2, PTHR1, COLIXA1 and COLXA1. SOST expression was also determined in RNA prepared from abdominal adipose tissue (Biochain Institute, Hayward, CA), cartilage tissue from femoral growth plates (BiochainInstitute), primary cultures of human osteoblasts . … …

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