Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase 4/c-Jun NH2-Terminal Kinase Kinase 1 Protein Expression Is Subject to Translational Regulation in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

Victoria L. Robinson, Ore Shalhav, Kristen Otto, Tomoko Kawai, Myriam Gorospe, Carrie W. Rinker-Schaeffer
Mol. Cancer Res Mar 1, 2008
… …amplified by PCR (primer sequences: 5-GAGTCAACGGATTTGGTCGT-3 and 5-TGAGCTTGACAAAGTGGTCG-3), and beta-actin was a 838-bp cDNA (BioChain). Drug Treatments Drug solutions and vehicle controls were prepared to final concentrations in the appropriate medium and… …

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