miR-124 Inhibits STAT3 Signaling to Enhance T Cell-Mediated Immune Clearance of Glioma

Jun Wei, Fei Wang, Ling-Yuan Kong, Shuo Xu, Tiffany Doucette, Sherise D Ferguson, Yuhui Yang, Kayla McEnery, Krishan Jethwa, Olsi Gjyshi, Wei Qiao, Nicholas B Levine, Frederick F Lang, Ganesh Rao, Gregory N Fuller, George A Calin, Amy B Heimberger
Cancer Res. Jul 1, 2013
… 260, and 280 nm. Total RNA extracted from patients was sent to Phalanx Biotech Group for miR and mRNA-gene expression analyses. Total RNA from normal brain tissues was obtained from BioChain. The results of the GBM …

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