Membrane transporters for sulfated steroids in the human testis–cellular localization, expression pattern and functional analysis

Daniela Fietz, Katharina Bakhaus, Britta Wapelhorst, Gary Grosser, Sabine Günther, Jörg Alber, Barbara Döring, Sabine Kliesch, Wolfgang Weidner, Christina E Galuska, Michaela F Hartmann, Stefan A Wudy, Martin Bergmann, Joachim Geyer
PloS One May 13, 2013
… Expression patterns of SOAT, OATP6A1, OATP1C1 and OSCP1 were examined by using human multiple tissue cDNA panels (BioChain, Newark, CA, USA). … OATP1C1 was cloned from human brain cDNA (BioChain) because of its higher expression rate in this organ. …

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