Junctophilin-2 Expression Silencing Causes Cardiocyte Hypertrophy and Abnormal Intracellular Calcium-Handling

Andrew P. Landstrom, Cherisse A. Kellen, Sayali S. Dixit, Ralph J. van Oort, Alejandro Garbino, Noah Weisleder, Jianjie Ma, Xander H.T. Wehrens, Michael J. Ackerman
Circ Heart Fail Mar 1, 2011
… …Tissue Human cardiac tissue was obtained from the left ventricle of traumatic death victims with no structural heart disease (BioChain Institute, CA; P1234139, Lot A506041; P1234138, Lot A710149; and CP-R01-T1234130, Lot B201244). Left ventricular myectomy tissue… …

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