Increased Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Maturation and Natural Killer Cell Activation in HIV-1 Exposed, Uninfected Intra-venous Drug Users

Costin Tomescu, Fuh-Mei Duh, Michael A. Lanier, Angela Kapalko, Karam C. Mounzer, Maureen P. Martin, Mary Carrington, David S. Metzger, Luis J. Montaner
HHS Author Manuscript Sep 10, 2010
EU-IDU subjects were confirmed to be negative for HIV-1 at the time of blood draw using an anti-HIV antibody serum ELISA test (BioChain Institutue, Hayward, CA) and later screened for the absence of CCR5 delta 32 homozygocity as described below.

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